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Frequently Asked Questions


Are we real estate brokers?

No. American Timberland is the owner.

Do we offer owner financing?

Sometimes. We offer owner financing when we are able to do so. As a general rule, we offer financing on smaller parcels. It is done on a tract-by-tract basis. Please look at the tract details in this website. It is usually mentioned in that section if it is offered.

Are we currently buying land?

Yes. Please see the "Selling your Land/Timber" page in this website (its in the menu bar on the left of this page).

Can I look at the property by myself?


What do I do when I am ready to buy a property?

Call our office and ask to speak with a land specialist.

How much money do we require for a deposit?

5% to 10% depending on the property.

How long does a contract take to close?

Usually about 30 days.

Do we work with Realtors?


Can we recommend a good timber company?

Yes, Brian Reinhart, Registered Forester (757) 784-2720

Can you recommend a good home builder?

Yes. American Timberland Homes, ask for Bryan Upton (434) 233-1366